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About Us

DIJINATION intends to revolutionize the way healthcare business is conducted, particularly by enhancing efficiency and accuracy in RCM services and RCM billing services. Our approach ensures that healthcare providers can focus more on patient care while optimizing their revenue cycle and billing processes.


ClinicOps 360

Our Practice Management Solution is designed around creating cohesiveness between the many moving parts of your operations. You can manage your administrative and billing operations with ease while providing a great service experience to your patients.

Practice Management Support

Our partners rely on our experienced Outsourcing Operations Team to serve as their full-time administrative staff, from RCM Team to Recruitment Management to Digital Marketing.



Our end-to-end solution comprehensively addresses the entire spectrum of the Revenue Cycle, including essential touchpoints from front-end patient access through coding, charge capture, and charge reconciliation. We specialize in integrating RCM services, ensuring a seamless flow of operations from the initial patient interaction to the final stages of the revenue cycle. Additionally, our expertise in medical billing services is a key component of our back-end functions. These encompass patient financial services and advanced medical billing processes, aligning with the latest industry standards for efficiency and accuracy. This holistic approach to RCM and medical billing services ensures optimal financial performance and streamlined operations for healthcare providers.


According to recent research, patients are making healthcare access decisions after extensive research into cost, relevant experience, convenience, and online provider reviews. With our Digital Consulting Services, we help you start with the basics. We specialize in medical billing services for small practices, ensuring efficient Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. Our expertise in RCM billing services streamlines your financial operations, maximizing revenue and enhancing patient satisfaction.


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Dr. Sima Kavand


"I was referred to DIJINATION for my start-up practice from a trusted associate. From the very beginning, DIJINAITON'S account management team worked with me to ensure that my onboarding was glitch-free with minimum disruption to my business. They send scheduled periodic reports and promptly answer all our concerns via phone or email. Based on their recommendations I am already starting to see an improvement in my practice's Revenue Cycle. I highly recommend their services."