“Driving results by creating synergies between disparate resources”

Our partners rely on our experienced Outsourcing Operations Team to serve as their full-time administrative staff, from RCM Team to Recruitment Management to Digital Marketing. We manage the administrative, operational and organizational needs of your practice so you can focus on what matters most:



We provide Credentialing Services to all new and relocated providers in any medical specialty nationwide. Our physician credentialing specialists have forged and maintained lasting relationships with third party payers to allow for quick contract resolution. Our persistent tenacity and diligence in follow ups ensures that your application is processed within a reasonable time-frame.

We take all the boring paperwork and the hassle of filling out forms out of your hands.

Practice RCM Audit

We understand that each practice is unique which is why our thought process is to first diagnose and then recommend the right solutions for your practice. In order to achieve this goal we analyze the following RCM components:

  1. Overall Account Receivable health according to MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) standards
  2. Denial ratio and denial reasons
  3. Fee schedule analysis
  4. Coding analysis
  5. Front end Appointment Cancellation and Rescheduling ratios
  6. Eligibility and Benefits process
  7. Filing and Credentialing Issues
  8. Overall Reimbursement comparative analysis in accordance to your region
  9. Patient Account Receivable Analysis

The above listed analysis is then put into an easy to understand Audit Report we call DJI360.

Healthcare Talent Acquisition

Recruiting physicians and administrative staff can be cumbersome, time-consuming and challenging in these times. We actively search out talent depending on your specific needs.

Our Recruitment Team performs the following:

  • Source candidate resumes based on the desired profile
  • Receive and screen candidates’ CVs and applications based on the desired profile
  • Design recruitment advertisements with your Practice’s branding
  • Conduct initial screening and shortlist suitable candidates
  • Schedule Interviews and help you negotiate packages
  • On-boarding Support

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DIJINATION Differentiation

Experience Counts

With 100+ years of combined industry experience, you have the power of knowledge and wisdom working with you to achieve a common objective.

Your Brand Ambassadors

Our team becomes an extension of your team and embodies all of the values, beliefs and attitudes of your practice by adopting and emulating similar behavior. We operationalize your values within the outsourced team to ensure your patients continue to feel that they are dealing with one team only.

Process Governance

We employ a rigorous process governance model that takes into account all the process and communication links required to manage disparate teams and operations. The strategic, tactical and operational levels are governed by the foundation of this standardized process framework.

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