Welcome to Dijination, a premier name among revenue cycle healthcare companies, dedicated to transforming the healthcare financial landscape in Wyoming, United States. In collaboration with RCM Healthcare Services, we specialize in providing comprehensive healthcare revenue cycle management services. This partnership reinforces our position as one of the top 10 healthcare revenue cycle management companies nationwide, committed to excellence and innovation in managing healthcare finances.

Our tech-enabled services help providers improve their bottom-line

DIJINATION Differentiation

Great Client Experience

We ensure YOU experience that you are working with a quality team at each touchpoint in your client experience. From the time we take over your account and transition to ongoing operational support you are taken on a guided journey through pre-defined processes. Robust processes ensure a continuous service experience and we listen with the intent to act and then act on it which adds a touch of customization to your experience.

Seamless Extension To Your Team

We work very closely with your RCM Team to analyze your current financial performance and implement intelligent and innovative solutions to strategically enhance your bottom line.

Financial Consultancy

Our highly experienced RCM Consultants assist you in rebalancing your revenues (not unlike managing an investment portfolio).

Why Choose Us?

As a leader in end-to-end revenue cycle management, Dijination stands apart from other top revenue cycle management companies. Our expert team is committed to delivering unparalleled services that encompass every aspect of the revenue cycle, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability for your healthcare business.

Tailored Solutions for Your Needs

Dijination is not just among the leading revenue cycle consulting firms; we are your partners in success. Our revenue cycle consulting companies’ approach is customized to meet the unique challenges and goals of your healthcare practice, offering solutions that drive results.

Comprehensive and Innovative

Our RCM services are designed to streamline your financial operations. From patient registration to final billing, our rcm billing services cover every step of the process. By choosing Dijination for your revenue cycle management services, you are ensuring a smoother, more efficient financial workflow for your healthcare practice.

Our Promise

At Dijination, we are committed to excellence and innovation in all aspects of healthcare revenue management. Our team of experts leverages cutting-edge technology and industry best practices to deliver results that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Partner with Dijination, a name synonymous with quality and reliability in the realm of healthcare revenue cycle management. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your revenue cycle processes and propel your healthcare practice to new heights of financial success.

EHRS We Work With

We work with your existing EHR to ensure continuity and resilience

What Do Practices Experience When They Work With Our RCM Team


Stream Lined Claims And Improved Collections

Our new clients report a sharp increase (Upto 30%) in their revenues within 6 months of starting to work with our RCM Team.


Strategic Win

Our seasoned RCM Team works with you to define and execute your RCM strategy to help you win in the long-run.


Higher than industry standard First Pass %

97% of your claims are accepted by the insurance payors at the first pass.

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RCM Solutions to SME Practices


Dijination RCM Solutions are designed around your practice’s most important functions and their inputs as in Financial Streams. Our expert team combines its years of experience in designing innovative approaches to improve your entire revenue cycle. An improvement in your revenue pipeline directly affects your bottom-line. Not all independent practices can afford to hire seasoned RCM professionals, and that is where we come in to provide you with the expert help and guidance where it matters the most: your REVENUE.

Estimates indicate that as many as 75% of the claims getting denied are on account of the patient not being eligible for the services rendered by their physicians.

Patient Access Services​​

Our Patient Access services help you improve your front office communication with your patients and insurance payors. Our communication experts (Virtual Assistants) guide and assist you patients in managing their appointments. They also perform the patient's eligibility and obtain necessary prior authorization before the patient visits the physician’s office.

Patient Scheduling

Eligibility Verification

Prior Authorizations

Charging and Coding Services

Our RCM Team performs claim scrubbing and structured charge entry to ensure accurate claim submissions. Payments are posted under strict guidelines to ensure compliance.

Coding and Claim Submission

Billing & Payment Posting

AR Management

Our team constantly monitors patients receivables and performs AR management on your aging buckets. Our diligent, data-driven approach is designed to turn aged receivables into cash flow.

Primary AR Follow ups

Rejection & Denial Management

Appeals & Resolutions

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