ClinicOps 360

“Patients should look forward to receiving great service at your practice”

Take control of your Practice’s operations by implementing a modern digital solution that is designed around the basic principle of efficiency gains and improving patient experience while giving you the control you desire to manage your day to day operations as diligently as possible.

Our Practice Management Solution is designed around creating cohesiveness between the many moving parts of your operations. You can manage your administrative and billing operations with ease while providing a great service experience to your patients.

Unlock the true potential of your operations by outsourcing your non-core functions

DIJINATION Differentiation

Prioritize Efficiency

Supersmooth Scheduling, an amazing Patient Flow System and a Practice Billing System are all designed to ensure maximum efficiency gains which in turn translate into higher revenue for your practice.

Power to the people

Empower your team by giving them access to an intelligent Patient Flow System. Our state-of-the-art Patient Flow ensures that your internal operations are up to the mark. Your patients truly feel that they are taken care of and your team feels completely empowered by utilizing the modem drag and drop user interface.

Redefine Patient Experience

Patient engagement is at the front and center of our Practice Management Solution. We give them digital access to their schedules and automated processes proactively communicate with them which creates an atmosphere of patient engagement. They feel that they are treated as individuals, their individual needs are recognized and are being treated with empathy and kindness.

ClinicOps 360 Features


ClinicOps 360 is an integrated Practice Management Solution that empowers your practice’s operations management team in taking control of the day-to-day tasks. This is made possible by connecting all of the moving parts of your operations into coherent processes made possible by digital automation.

From delivering actionable insight to your operations management through our robust analytics dashboard to streamlining the patient flow and providing error free medical billing application, ClinicOps 360 works synergistically with your team in helping you provide great patient experience while improving your bottom-line.


Maintaining a steady flow of patients feeds right into your revenue cycle. ClinicOps 360’s robust and flexible scheduling management helps you do just that and that too with super smooth functionality and ease of use.

With drag and drop options you can quickly schedule your patients in the time slots they desire and with intelligent automation have this communicated to all the stakeholders. Patients are also sent reminders through texts and emails reducing no-shows.

Eligibility Verification

With open API access to all the major payers, conducting eligibility verifications and prior authorizations is a breeze. With automation option setup, you can either process the requests as a batch or have the individual records checked for deductibles, co-payment and co-insurance. This dramatically reduces claim denials.

Patient Flow

ClinicOps 360’s Patient Flow System helps you manage your patient’s movement once they have arrived at your facility. Highly customizable; this system helps your clinical staff move patients efficiently and effortlessly through all the care touchpoints in your practice. Your practice becomes a place where patients feel welcomed and cared for.

Medical Billing

Our Medical Billing application helps you run a smooth and efficient business office. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the application shortens the time it takes to process claims while reducing errors so that you get paid on time.

Revenue Intelligence Dashboard

Data is the lifeblood of any successful practice, especially when presented in an intelligent format which turns raw data into actionable insights. Our Revenue Intelligence Dashboard (RID) presents you with the analytics you need to have front and center when running a successful practice.​

RIDs’ flexible architecture helps you define the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are the most relevant for your practice and then gives you access to those actionable insights in real-time assisting you in managing a successful and viable practice.

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