A Case Study on IMAP Healthcare Scheduling Management Outsourcing Project


This case study explores Dijination's successful implementation of a scheduling management outsourcing project for a healthcare client, aiming to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. Through strategic onboarding, meticulous planning, and advanced technology integration, Dijination exceeded expectations, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.


In the dynamic healthcare landscape, efficient scheduling management is crucial for quality patient care. Dijination partnered with a major healthcare institution, addressing their scheduling challenges through strategic project management and advanced solutions.

Client Background

The healthcare client, a multi-specialty hospital system, faced inefficiencies in manual scheduling processes, leading to increased wait times and staff overload. Seeking a comprehensive solution, they enlisted Dijination's expertise to optimize scheduling management.

Project On boarding

Dijination initiated with a thorough assessment, understanding pain points, and defining project goals. A dedicated team was assembled, working closely with the client to ensure clear communication and expectations for a seamless transition.

Strategic Planning

Dijination's strategic plan combined industry best practices with innovative solutions, focusing on technology integration, resource optimization, and training. Cutting-edge scheduling software, strategic team organization, and comprehensive training sessions were key elements.


The phased implementation involved close collaboration with the client's teams, continuous feedback loops, and real-time adjustments to ensure a smooth transition. Key performance indicators were monitored, addressing concerns promptly.

Quantifiable Success

Measuring success against predefined KPIs revealed significant improvements

Reduction in Patient Wait Times
1 %
Appointment Accuracy
1 %
Staff Workload Optimization
1 %
Patient Satisfaction
1 %
Cost Savings
1 %


Dijination's healthcare scheduling outsourcing project showcases the transformative impact of strategic planning and technology integration. Achieving tangible results in reduced wait times, increased accuracy, and enhanced patient satisfaction, this case study serves as a benchmark for leveraging outsourcing to achieve operational excellence in healthcare. The collaborative approach and commitment to continuous improvement underline the project's success in addressing evolving challenges in the healthcare sector.

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